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Atlantic City PR Council 3-2014 Guest Speaker Liza Carmell, ACA, My Thoughts

by Marc Berman on 03/25/14

My thoughts, Liza Cartmell, President & CEO
Atlantic City Alliance guest speaker Atlantic City PR Council March 25, 2014.

Liza always offers a very well prepared view of what the ACA has done and what they will be doing. It includes focus groups social media buzz words and the like. It is impressive! Liza showed in social media more positive terms are being used in referencing Atlantic City. She also outlined expenditures with media outlets.

Those who follow me know that I am critical of some of the ACA programs and events.

That said, there is no reason for my opinion of what the ACA brought to the table in the past…at least in this postJ, we live now. It looks like much of the same coming in 2014 returning of the Sand Sculpture and the Boardwalk Wine tasting among the events, Miss America and the Airshow were also mentioned but they were not brought here by the ACA, however they do spend their money to market those events and that we say thank you.

As far as marketing, one thing the ACA is doing, they are meeting with meeting planners and others in tourism in cities serviced by United’s new flights into ACY.

Not much mention about art in AC and no mention of any beach concerts.

The disco bus will make a return.

I did hear they have Do-AC magnets for areas outside the AC, NY, Philly markets that actually say Do-Atlantic City.

Beach concerts bring thousands to town, Jimmy Buffet 50,000, Beach Boys over 100,000 and that makes cash registers ring but may not create slot machine pulls. Well AC is not all about gaming anymore and when these concerts take place ON THE BEACH the local businesses not in casinos do very well and they are also a part of the town in addition and many non gaming entities in casinos do business.

Here’s what I found interesting, Liza opened up the floor to questions and there were a few asked, one about paving the roads, that’s not the ACA responsibility, but nobody attending the record attendance luncheon at Bally’s asked about Beach Concerts. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that beach concerts are great for the town…Go Figure

It all sounds impressive but it has to work. The governor has offered an ultimatum for tourism to turn around or else other options in the state will be explored, and it’s up to the ACA to turn it around.

The Atlantic City Alliance“ A newly-created, non-profit entity funded and overseen by the city's casinos, the Atlantic City Alliance is directed by Elizabeth Cartmell, its President and CEO. The mission of the ACA is to revitalize and rebuild Atlantic City’s reputation and to broaden the destination’s appeal beyond a gaming area to a multi-night, year-round destination in order to drive increased visitation. In addition to the spectacular oceanfront location, Atlantic City has a plethora of fine dining, shopping, and world-class entertainment to appeal to most anyone.” Source: Atlantic City Alliance. Visit Them Here

I did talk face to face with Liza Cartmell today and there is something I really like personally about her. Liza was honest and said she knows I’m not on board with everything and that I am entitled to my opinion. She was very friendly and they do see my posts and blogs.

In the past Liza and Jeff Guaracino have responded directly to me on videos I have placed on various social media outlets about lighting on the boardwalk.

I have not used Do-AC on my websites or used the term on my radio show hoping just like “Only Vegas” which didn’t last to long this to will go away in favor of something that has Atlantic City in the slogan not AC.

In summation, today's luncheon was a cheerleading session for the ACA and truthfully many may have not been familiar with what they do and today was a great introduction to the organiziation from their leader.

I will continue to post all ACA events in my radio show blog without comment www.bermanlive.com and in ACPluggedIn.com also without comment, being a team player to help increase tourism to Atlantic City.

Readers and viewers of my personal blog www.atlanticcitypluggedin.com and my www.YouTube.com/bermanreality channel will find my comments on decisions, events and people who are the true decision makers taking Atlantic City.

I am NEVER NEGATIVE on Atlantic City, but CRITICAL of pinhead decisions made by the powers that be. Not all of the decisions by these people are bad and you may disagree with me on any and all and post your comments freely.

I am exercising my first amendment rights about a city I Truly Love and am a resident in.

That's Berman Reality...




A Caring and Logical Voice for Atlantic City

by Marc Berman on 02/03/14

Ladies & Gentlemen:

After listening to several conference calls by Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson, I have come to the realization that it is not only about the money that makes people want to invest in Atlantic City, but about the foresight and vision and most importantly creativity.

The way that you would attract people like the two aforementioned moguls to our area is by offering them a "deal they can not refuse."  By that I mean, you offer them something that no other gambling jurisdiction is willing to offer them.  You dangle the carrot and I am certain they would ALL bite!

It really is NOT a heavy lift, infact it makes great fiscal sense both to Atlantic City and the State of New Jersey.  It is actually quit simple. So simple infact, that it may have been overlooked because of it's simplicity or maybe GREED.

If the state of New Jersey agreed to take ZERO income (for a period of ten years) from any casino in Atlantic City that would fix everything.  The 254.84 million dollars that is collected by the state annually would stop. That would make casino operators flock to the area, build new casinos (especially in lite of the boutique casino law) and invest in our Jurisdiction.  I am not suggesting that the City of Atlantic City offer a property tax abatement, actually quit the contrary.  The City of Atlantic City would still collect it's fair share of Property Taxes to provide the services required by the Casinos, but the state would impose a ZERO tax on the Casino Operators for a period of ten years.  That is something that is unheard of in ANY GAMING DISTRICT, and would surly offer casino operators a very clear advantage to doing business in Atlantic City.  Infact, Macau China currently imposes an amount that is over 50% to the government, and casino operators agree to it because the income is there, just like it was when Resorts Casino opened in May of 1978.

However, we know those days are LONG GONE and not returning any time soon UNLESS something drastic is done.  I am also not suggesting that the state give the house away, there would have to be stipulations on the abatement such as the number of people that would be employed and the amount of time the company would be required to do business in New Jersey after the abatement expires and stipulation such as that which would be agreeable to both the state and the casino operator.

How does the State of New Jersey win?  Well that's easy:

*  They stop the DRASTIC decline that Atlantic City is currently experiencing by offering new and exciting resort destinations built by those  willing to take advantage of this unprecedented offer

*  They put thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people to work and derive the proceeds from the income taxes

*  They offer an incentive to people that would travel to the area by eliminating the parking taxes at casinos and make it illegal for casinos themselves to charge parking fees

*  They state derives the income of the state sales tax on all of the goods and services that would be sold in the area.

Instead of the Governor saying that the money that is taken from Atlantic City Casino Operators will only be spent in Atlantic City, just STOP taking the money, PERIOD.  One may argue that the state NEEDS THE MONEY.  My questions would be, what did they do BEFORE casino gaming and what will they do if Atlantic City is allowed to fail?

It's a "WYNN-WYNN" for the State of New Jersey and The Casino Operator.  It can be done, it must be done, and with your help it will be done to save the entire south jersey region.  DO AC is not enough to make people come to our region, Mega Resorts like WYNN LAS VEGAS most certainly would be!  If you give them a (GREAT ENOUGH) reason, they will come.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark Padula

Atlantic City Republican Municipal Chairman


Here's an Idea For Atlantic City, An Edm festival on the beach.

by Marc Berman on 01/24/14

This post is my reaction to this promotion from the Powers That Be Who Market Atlantic City Heres the promotion.

So lets see a bus from Atlantic City with beverages and a dj drive to Philly pick up 30 people in line at a nightclubs and take them to Atlantic City to our amazing nightclubs.

So the same people who brought us the grassy knoll with the words on it, gift Wrapping to bring people to town and a catch phrase DOAC are now trying to show they are hip...sorry the EDM ...club crowd will not buy it from you, they come down here for the real thing and 30 people here and there are you kidding.

Here's an idea you can chew on. OK YOU finally realized that we are a club town after two years of me talking about it on the radio and posting on my blog and my social media THAT YOU DO READ or hear about from your social media team you retweeted me YESTERDAY:) BTW Thank You. The Party Bus great idea if you're getting patrons wasted like on Aruba Kuku kanuku So they'll drive here for this... An EDM festival on the beach during the day with the biggest names and at night the superstars doing sets until dawn in our clubs. That will bring more than 30 people:).

So you're not sure who the superstars are? Try these Mainstream stars, Tiesto, Avicii, my favorite R3HAB, Calvin Harris, Dada Life and we'll include David Guetta and how about Steve Aioki who I saw in Barcelona Spain and who played Borgata twice a month now at Revel and for more your dj will know. Get the AC CEO Chief Entertainment Officer on It right now. It will bring more than 30 to town and the non casino and casino restaurants will do business.

 I'm not negative on Atlantic City or Absecon Island..EVER Just critical of the those who make decisions in guiding our city. We still lack identity and focus.

Caesars buys Atlantic Club...Why?

by Marc Berman on 01/02/14

The Associated Press reported the Atlantic Club Hotel and Casino has been awarded to Caesars Entertainment and the Tropicana as their bid for the bankrupt property was the one accepted by the judge. There was a higher bidder. Here are two stories Press of Atlantic City Associated Press/ABC

In my video blog 1-2-14 I ask why and outline some of the thing Caesars is doing to lure visitors to their properties so why create this black hole at the entrance to our city on the downbeach side?
Watch the video

Your response is very welcome

Should Absecon Island Secede from the State of New Jersey?

by Marc Berman on 12/29/13

Berman Reality: Absecon Island is made up of four separate cities, Atlantic City, Ventnor City , Margate City and Longport. I am "possibly" thinking about putting together a committee to explore the options to have Absecon Island Secede from the state of new Jersey. Please watch my press conference for details

Your comments welcome below

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